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August 25, 2014

We are saddened to announce that Crush 29 has been forced to vacate the premises. Award-
winning Crush 29 restaurant in Roseville has closed its doors after many years.

An out-of-state real estate trust foreclosed the mortgage on the property and canceled Crush 29's
lease. The sole stated reason for eviction was that the foreclosure on Crush 29's landlord
automatically terminated the lease. The trust has no alternate tenant for the premises. Crush 29
was an independent tenant of the shopping center and was not the borrower or owner at the
time of foreclosure.

We would like to thank all our valued customers, whose loyalty, trust and faith in us allowed us
to become the number one restaurant of your choice in Roseville.

Crush 29's management has met with every employee and tried to find jobs at other area
restaurants for as many as possible. Crush 29 also referred outstanding reservations to other
restaurants and plans to redeem outstanding gift cards please email your inquiry.

Crush 29 removed its proprietary artwork from the premises before closing.
If you are customer and have gifts cards or events planned and reservations, please go to our
web site for instructions. We will redeem your gift cards in full.

Please direct all non media inquiries to:
Mailing: 3001 Lava Ridge court suite 300 Roseville Ca 95661
Email: please email your request as to gift card redemption.

For any media inquiry please contact us at,

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